The PubliCie

Who are we?

The Publicie is one of TSAC’s five pillars (committees) and takes care of the publications. You will find more information below. Our committee usually consists of 6 people who enjoy producing things together.

The Theeblaadje

The Theeblaadje is the TSAC’s bulletin. Our goal is to publish it 5 times a year. The Theeblaadje is used for important messages and sharing funny/exciting/relaxing (climbing) adventures with the association. If you have had a fun experience you would like to share with the association grab a pen and let the rest of TSAC read bout it. Photographs are also welcome. You can send them to theeblaadje [at]

The Website

The website is constantly updated. If you have any suggestions please send them to


Once a year we publish a face book. To keep us from having to make up a picture of you, we recommend providing Publicie with your picture in time. You can mail the pictures to our committee.


Once a month we have a meeting; first we have supper together and then we start our meeting with a freshly brewed cup of coffee. We discuss what everyone is up to, what still has to be done and we try and think of fun ideas we can carry out. Sometimes, when we are in a creative mood, we will brainstorm after the meeting. At nine the hall opens, so then it’s time to end the meeting and go climbing as that still is the most important thing within our association.

There are various tasks and functions within the Publicie. We have a president who sets the agendas for the meetings he or she chairs. Our website is quite complex so luckily we have a web master. The board has a listener who keeps the board informed on us and our activities. Last but not least we have an editor who is in charge of the “Theeblaadje”. There are many more small tasks that are split up among the other committee members.

Are you creative, good with layout programs of just keen on having meetings? The Publicie can always use enthusiastic people to strengthen our team. Talk to one of our committee members or send us an e-mail if you are seriously interested in joining our committee. If you want, you can attend a meeting, no strings attached, and maybe take on a small task. For further questions please contact publicie [at]


v.l.n.r. achter: Koen Swinkels, Pepijn de Geus en Arnout Smeenge
voor: Dennis Pallett en Tom van Hemert